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Perry Smith and Danielle Riddles of Smith Riddles LLP


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Perry Smith and Danielle Riddles of Smith Riddles LLP

     We do not get paid unless we obtain a recovery for you. We charge nothing up front. We want to take good cases and we do not want a lack of financial resources to stand in the way. Our clients have been fired! The last thing they have is cash for a lawyer.

       We have a reputation for making things difficult for big companies that try to prevent us from obtaining evidence to prove our clients’ cases  – we are okay with that.       

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 “I have a friend who needs an employment lawyer. Since you kicked my ass in an employment case, I thought of you.” – Defense counsel email to Perry Smith
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 “I thought you did a great job cross-examining me at trial and the jury obviously liked it, so I am referring some executive friends to you to see if you can help them out–they were laid off recently. Just wanted to give you a heads up.”  

             — CEO of public technology company months after Smith prevailed against the tech company in a jury trial and obtained punitive damages for his client. The jury agreed with Smith that his client was fired in retaliation for protesting gender discrimination.

 We care about our clients. We have heard more than once from our opposing lawyers that they think we care too much about our clients’ cases. We have been called “overly passionate, ” true believers [in our cients’ cases],” and, at times,    ” hyperaggressive.” They think those are insults!

 Did your employer take action against you for reasons such as:

  • Illness/disability/pregnancy (incl. time off or other need for accommodations.) 
  • Complaints about sexual harassment or other unlawful treatment. 
  • Race/ National Origin/ Gender /Sexual Orientation/Religion or 
  • Other Protected Characteristic(s)

 Leading To

  • Harassment (hostile work environment), 
  • retaliation, and/or, ultimately, to 
  • termination.


Do you believe you were fired in violation of California and/or federal law? 

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Disclaimer: Each case is different and prior results are neither indicative of (and certainly no guarantee of) future outcomes, including any outcome in your potential case. Contact us so that we may review the specific circumstances of your termination and potential resulting damages.